Bedd Gelert


Llewellyn, Prince of North Wales, married Joan Plantagenet, an illegitimate daughter of King John. One of the marriage gifts was a Wolfhound   named  Gelert. The hound was to be his faithful companion at home and at the hunt.


One day when the prince made ready to go hunting, Gelert was not readily waiting and was nowhere to be found. Finally Llewellyn went to the  house,  in the back of the room he saw the cradle overturned and the baby nowhere to be seen. And there Gelert came towards him with a  bloody muzzle.

Full  of shock and anger he ran his sword through the dog and killed him. Then he heard the baby's muffled crys from under a blanket. In seeing  to  the  baby he found a dead wolf, killed by a mighty bite to his neck.


Full of remorse for killing innocent Gelert, that had saved the child's life, he buried the dog and set a Memorial stone on the grave.

The supposed Grave of Gelert, the faithful Hound of Llewellyn








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