How many times have I been asked, how to groom an Irish Wolfhound.

Here is a rough description, but don't forget, each hound is a bit different, you'll have to use your eyes and see how your Wolfhound looks his/her best.


Do not touch the furnishings! You may shorten the beard somewhat, but please do it in a way that is not obvious.


Sometimes Irish Wolfhounds can be seen with necks that look "shaved", probably result of a electric hair cutter. This looks really ugly and spoils the outline completely.

Trimming should only be done by hand, trimming knife and perhaps a Coat King!





Trim top head flat with a trim knife


Also upper neckline should be trimmed so no hair stands up


Thin out cheeks and sides of the neck behind and below  the ears and also even on the neck front, so the neck appears nice and long


Ears should always be plugged by hand as to make a "Velvet Ear"







Shorten long hair on the flanks and the belly,

so to show a nice tuck up.


Also shorten long and wild hair on the front of the legs


Long bushy hair on ellbows and heels should also be neatened


Trim out the thick hair on both sides of the tail and also the top of the tail


Clean up eventual mats under the tail

Neaten out the outer and inner sides of the upper legs





Shorten claws if necessary


Make short the bushy long hair on the back of the feet, also on top of the toes


Cut all long hair around the paws with scissors as to make small neat feet.


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